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Customer Feedback


Fay listens to your requirements and liaises with you. She is experienced, is empathetic and understands the many reasons why a home can become too much for the owner to manage. Undaunted she tackles the work with purpose and cheerfulness. Like many people I had some trepidation of anyone seeing my chaotic home but she has seen it all before and quickly makes suggestions and positive moves that make significant improvements, even after only one or two visits. There are many reasons why people need help, which she understands and takes into consideration as she assesses and discusses the changes to be made.

I feel happier now knowing that my home is more organised and could not have done this without her excellent help.

I like Fay’s practical, no nonsense approach. She seems able to see the bigger picture with ease and made the whole decluttering process quite painless. I wish I had tackled it years ago. 

Our life was in crisis, we had nowhere to turn, literally. Our home was full of an excess of belongings which filled every room, the doorways, the sheds and the front and back gardens. We had two large windows boarded up that had been broken for two years.

Fay helped us clear the house of all extraneous items, enabling us to sleep upstairs, eat at the dining table, sit in the lounge, find important documents, and invite family and friends in.

She also organised help with garden clearance, financial help via council and charities and repairs to building and fixtures. She was with us during repairs and clearance which made us feel safe and able to deal with it all. I can truly say she helped us change ten years of despair to a place of hope in six months.

In 2011 I had a spell in hospital and found I couldn’t manage my home like I could before I became ill. Fay was a tremendous help in sorting out my belongings and adapting my house. She was a pleasure to have around and has made my day to day living so much easier. 

Fay worked with me to declutter and dehoard my home so that I could sell it and downsize. A lot of work went into presenting the house for sale but it paid off. It sold within 3 weeks, at the asking price. I found her to be totally non-judgemental as well as being immensely practical, resourceful and she places the same importance on recycling as I do. Working at my pace she gently but firmly supported and encouraged me towards achieving my goal and developing good habits along the way.

I felt embarrassed by the mess I was living in. She calmly took it all on board and gave me strength to sort it out.  I actually enjoyed the process once I got started. 

Excellent service. Non-judgemental and broad minded. We have learnt how to keep on top of things and the house is now a pleasure to come home to. I would recommend FM DeClutter Services to anyone in need of assistance. 


I have OCD. Hoarding helped to calm my anxiety but the mass of things I collected caused more anxiety, it was a vicious circle that I had to break. After working with Fay I am now in control of my things rather than them controlling me.

We moved to Bristol in 2012 and 2 years on we were still unpacking boxes and living in a mess. She assessed the situation and made a plan of works. Now my partner, 3 children, 2 dogs and 2 hamsters live happily in a house that works really well for all of us.

My husband has always been a hoarder and would never let anything go. Fay was very diplomatic and has arranged the house so that he can still indulge in his 'collecting' yet it doesn’t spill out into the rest of the house and things are much more harmonious at home. 

I felt apprehensive about Fays visit but she soon put me at ease. I had downsized from a house to a flat. I had far too much stuff and had got quite depressed living here. Yet with her help to let go of things, change some of the furniture, put up shelving and reorganise the storage I find I am really enjoying living here now. 

We had to clear out my mother’s house and put it on the market. It was all very upsetting. We were gently guided through the work to be done with kindness and empathy. We weren’t rushed and were given space to grieve and together we got the job done.

I am having an extension added to my property and each room was piled high with clutter. I needed to get the whole of the downstairs cleared out. Before Fay came along I was feeling overwhelmed by the task ahead of me but she soon reassured me and we methodically worked through one room at a time. She never rushed me even when I couldn't decide what to do with certain objects. At the end of each visit she took away several bags of rubbish, recycling, and items for charity which she disposed of in the appropriate places for me. I always felt completely at ease with her working in my home and I really enjoyed our decluttering sessions.

Fay took away the stress of having to sort it all out on my own. I didn’t know where to begin. ‘A trouble shared is a trouble halved’ was certainly true in my case. She got the dripping taps done, the leaky shower repaired and the waist high garden cleared. Together we went through every cupboard, box and drawer. She has tremendous patience and great motivating skills and it is very reassuring to know that I can call her back at anytime should I need some help.  

Names and addresses have been withheld to protect clients confidentiality.

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