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Are your wardrobes, cupboards, drawers and shelves full to bursting point?

Do you have an overflow of clutter and do not have the time or the energy to sort it out?

Decluttering is not about making a 'show home' but managing your belongings so that you can enjoy them in a pleasant, clean environment.

Collecting and hoarding: It is human nature to collect things. Belongings are part of our identity and bring much joy and happiness. Holiday mementos, photographs, ornaments, pictures, clothes, books etc. They all say something about your personality and are to be treasured. Yet when collecting takes over your home it can become a problem that causes anxiety, worry and frustration.

Dealing with bereavement, illness, divorce or a relative's house: These are extremely emotional and difficult times. I am there to support you to reduce the workload and to achieve positive solutions and ways of moving forward.

Moving house: Decluttering your property before putting it on the market can increase the selling price enormously and stops you importing clutter into your new home. It presents your property in the best possible light and maximises its selling potential.

House not selling. Low offers. Poor viewings: The first time a buyer sees your property is usually online, so images need to be eye catching and enticing. Removing clutter, using the house doctor and handyman service helps to attract buyers and create sales.

Decluttering and reorganising your home also declutters the mind. It reduces anxiety and stress by making your home an inviting, pleasurable place to live in and somewhere to feel proud of.

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